The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) in association with various organizations from Northeast region and other parts of the country on Saturday staged a protest rally against China’s issuance of “Stapled Visa” to people from Arunachal Pradesh, in the national capital.

The peaceful rally, which began from Arunachal Bhawan to the Chinese Embassy here, turned into an agitation as some of the protesters tried to cross the police barricades and the police sprayed water cannons on them. However, no ontoward incident was reported.

China has been issuing “Stapled Visa” to Indian citizens from Arunachal Pradesh since the last 34 yrs, but the central government has not been any interest to solve the issue, a protester said.

The protester said, "This is a national issue and I hope every citizen of this country will wake up and do something before its too late."