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Poll fallout: Transport dept files held up

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NEW DELHI, 12 December
As many as 5 lakh files are held up in the Delhi transport department, inconveniencing thousands of people, as several motor licensing officers (MLOs) and transport department officials were on poll duty for the just concluded Assembly election.
  Long queues of people are seen at the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) these days with people waiting for registration certificates (RCs), vehicle registration work, renewal of RCs, getting CNG documents and other paper work.
A senior transport department official said more than 5 lakh files have to be cleared. "All the officials and a number of employees from various departments were on assembly election duty and our work came to a standstill. Now we are loaded with pending jobs. Once it is done, only then we will be able to begin something new," said the official.
The official said there is excessive work load as there are just 13 RTOs for the large population of Delhi. "At times, it is difficult to cater to lakhs of people as we have just 13 RTOs. We have shifted some jobs to other areas but still it becomes difficult to cope with. Shortage of staff is another problem, which we continue to reel under and election duty only adds to the woes," said the official.  He said with no party coming forward to form the government in Delhi, if re-election takes place in the next four to five months, work at the transport department will be more badly affected and the people will suffer.  "Already with the bureaucracy working without a government, the Capital has almost come to a standstill. It’s just the municipal corporations and the Delhi Police which are still working as they are under the Home Ministry. But when it comes to other departments like PWD, revenue, transport, education and health, the officers there are waiting for a nod to start work," said the official. The official said several new projects cannot take off.