twisha hans
NEW DELHI, 14 DEC: Nearly a year’s stay in a reformatory cell has not shown any remarkable signs of repentance in the juvenile accused of the brutal gangrape of a paramedical student on 16 December 2012.
 Officials at the remand quarters said in the beginning he had admitted that he was involved in the gang rape, but now out of the blue he is denying his association with the incident. The officials said there is no noteworthy change in his conduct. "In fact he is more rude now, more difficult," said an in the Delhi Government-run reformatory home.
He has been kept apart from other inmates for his safety.
 There are three types of accommodation for inmates in the reformatory home, together with separate quarters for those convicted of heinous crimes. The minor has been put into a special 8×8 room and is observed round-the-clock. "We keep him under steady watch, as we do not want him to harm himself," said an official.
He was lodged in the Majnu-ka-Tila remand home in North Delhi since his arrest on 21 December, a day after he was detained from east Delhi’s Anand Vihar bus depot when he was trying to run away, after the brutal gangrape, but he has now been moved to the remand home in Kingsway Camp.
The principal magistrate Geetanjali Goel, supervising the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), sentenced him on 31 August to three years in a remand home. He will be let off in December 2015.
Three years is the maximum punishment a minor gets for an atrocious crime. The prosecution said it was the juvenile who beguiled the victim and her male friend into the bus that fateful night.
"We have tried to make him realise his crime. We have been psycho-analysing him. But he has not shown any remorse," the officer added.
A local of Badaun in UP, the juvenile came to Delhi about eight years back and carried out several odd jobs here.
"He is calm most of the time, but his manners have shown some change from the time the verdict was announced. He is among those minors who take time to reform and improve. It may take him few more years. We are positive about this aspect," the officer said.
The minor was six months short of his 18th birthday when the verdict came out. The brutal nature of his crime has triggered  a debate about lowering the juvenile age in cases of heinous crime.