The Janmashtami fervour gripped the Capital on Thursday. The famous temple of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) at East of Kailash celebrated this auspicious occasion in a unique way.

"This year ISKCON has completed 50 years of its inception, so to mark this event, we will offer maha abhishek with the gold Kalash," said an office-bearer of the ISKCON. 

"A Mangal Arti was performed this morning. There will be a Maha Arti of Lord Krishna at midnight where 1008 types of 56 bhogas will be offered, including 50 Kg of special cake on which ’50 years of ISKCON’ has been written," said ISKCON in a statement. 

This year the centre of attraction was the make-up of Lord Krishna and Radha. 

"The dresses of the god and goddess were made by the Vrindavan artisans. The temple was decorated with the colourful flowers bought across the nation and from abroad," the statement added. 

"This year we use wool more instead of flowers to decorate the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and made wool bungalow instead of flower bungalow," added the office-bearer. 

To offer prayers lakhs of people were thronged at the temple on this occasion. 

"Today is a very auspicious day as this ashtami day, Lord Krishna appeared 5,128 years ago, in Dwapar yug. The celebration this year will be very big as we are expecting nearly five lakh devotees," said Mohanrupa Das, President, ISKCON, New Delhi. 

For security purposes, 85 CCTV cameras have been installed at the temple, 250 homeguards and 400 Delhi police personnel are also deployed. Besides that fire brigade, doctor’s team, and ambulances are also arranged in case of emergency. 

For devotees, arrangements of prasad, thandai have been made. 

"I visit the temple every year on Janmashtami here. I love this place. But this year I find the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and the Lord Krishna very beautiful," said a devotee. 

"Krishna is the supreme personality of god. The way he presented the philosophy of Bhagwad Geeta, it’s very simple and unique. Throughout the world, the Bhagwad Geeta is followed across America, Russia, and it has been translated in more than 17 international languages. Also, we have more than 650 centres in the world and all these are celebrating Janmashtami today," Das added. 

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the nation. 

"Janmashtami greetings to all," Prime Minister Modi tweeted. Since morning, many political leaders including Deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia, senior BJP leader L K Advani, former Lt. Governor, Delhi, Tejendra Khanna, Bollywood actress and politician Jaya Prada, visited the temple. 

In other parts of the Capital, devotees celebrated the festival by participating in prociessions and ‘dahi handis’, dressing up their children like characters from the Lord Krishna’s life, and watching or staging re-enactments of scenes from Hindu mythology.