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Hindus hold fast in Tihar jail

Statesman News Service |

New Delhi, 14 July
In a bid to show respect to their fellow Muslim inmates’s festival, 45 Hindu prisoners at Tihar Central Jail are holding rozas with them during the Ramzan festival.
  "The prisoners have been holding fast (roza) since the commencement of Ramzan on 11 July. They had informed the jail authorities that they would continue it for the entire length of fasting period," said Mr Sunil Gupta, spokesperson of Tihar Jail.
 Mr Gupta praised the move of the 45 Hindu inmates, saying that joining the 1,800 Muslim inmates in observing fasts is a wonderful example of unity and harmony among the prisoners. He further said that the act should be highly appreciated.
The jail authorities have made all the arrangements so that those observing Ramzan, do not face any difficulty. “We are making special arrangements for the inmates holding fast in mind. Various food items are being made available to them at 3 am for ‘shehri’ (pre-dawn meal) while seasonal fruits, snacks and other dishes are being arranged for ‘iftar’ (the evening meal),” said Mr Gupta.
 Ramzan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is observed as a fasting period by Muslims, who abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset. 
Muslims wake up early morning for the pre-dawn ‘sehri’ meal renouncing food and water during the day before breaking their fasts in the evening. The sumptuous evening meals are known as ‘iftar’.
 The month-long fasting will culminate in the Id-ul-Fitr celebrations next month.