Charging the state government of unable to handle the inflation in capital, Delhi assembly leader of opposition Vijender Gupta said that the people of Delhi are suffering due to the failures of the Delhi government in the form of grueling inflation.

The prices of food items, medicines, school fees, clothing items, cosmetics, stationery, medical tests,construction items and so on are touching sky high.

Adding further he said that till now, Kejriwal government has failed to take any concrete steps to relieve the common masses from the burden of the rising prices. He demanded that Kejriwal should take stringent measures to put an end to the black marketing of wheat, pulses, oils and other food items.

He said that the government must take strict action against those involved in hoarding of essential food materials and confiscate the material being hoarded in godowns to bring down the prices.

On one hand the Delhi government cannot stop blowing its own trumpet of completing 100 days, while on the other hand, the people of Delhi are reeling under pressure of inflation, increase in the power and water tariff and fundamental problems in the city.

According to a survey, in the past 30 days, the price of pulses has escalated by 50 to 70 per cent, of oils by 35 per cent and of tea, sugar, wheat, rice, and spices by 30 to 35 per cent. Similarly, cost of stationary and books has gone up by 20 per cent, clothing items by 30 per cent, cosmetics by 20 per cent and construction items by 20 to 30 per cent.

Vijender Gupta had raised the issue of rising price of pulses and other items on 1 May 2015. But, till now, the Delhi government has not provided any relief to the public.

Gupta has further demanded that the Delhi government constitutes a special task force of ministers and bureaucrats to curb inflation in a timely manner. Gupta said that the BJP will raise the issue of inflation in a spirited way in the upcoming assembly session, both inside and outside the house to force the unruly Kejriwal government to provide relief to the consumers from the rising prices.