Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Tuesday said that the government has devised a three-pronged approach to curb the pollution in the national capital.

He informed that the government will move at three levels–policy, technology and public participation–to fight the pollution in the city.

“The first is the policy level, and one that if designed, has a positive impact on our city. Second, at a technological level. The third is the effective use of agencies at our disposal which will focus on public participation to reduce air pollution in Delhi,” Rai said while addressing a two-day long roundtable conference.

He asserted said that the government will fight against air pollution as a mass movement, for which, every possibility shall be explored. “The government will also focus on changing the mindset and behaviour of people to combat air pollution,” Rai added.

The minister on Tuesday held the second digital roundtable conference with experts to reduce air pollution in Delhi. The two-day long roundtable conference highlights the measures to be taken to reduce air pollution in Delhi before the onset of Winter 2021.

He stressed that around the year strategy is needed to counter the air pollution levels in the national capital.

“Pondering on environmental pollution in the winter months when the AQI is severe is not a solution. We, therefore, require your support. A plan is needed that can work through the year, and in the coming days, we will come up with an action plan to further better Delhi’s AQI.”

“Nobody knows until when the pandemic will rage, and it’s not feasible to wait for so long. We would like your suggestions to create a viable and effective plan for the city,” he asked the experts present in the conference.