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‘Delhi Cantt reels under water shortage’

Statesman News Service |

Vice Chairman NDMC, Karan Singh Tanwar on Tuesday drew the attention of LG Najeeb Jung through his letter towards the outcry of the residents of Delhi Cantt area on account of non supply of Yamuna water.

Tanwar told that in whole of Delhi only the population of about 5 lakhs of Delhi Cantt residing in Sadar Bazar, Gopinath Bazar, Jharera, Old Nangal, Prahladpur, Naraina, Mehram Nagar and East Mehram Nagar, CB Area where no water pipe lines have been laid by Delhi Jal Board or Delhi Cantonment Board and the talk for solution of water problem over there is far away.

He said that the attention of Delhi CM was drawn several times towards the discriminatory attitude of the Officials towards the residents of these areas and several letters were also written but all fell in the deaf ears.

Tanwar told that when he was MLA from Delhi Cantt from 2008 to 2013 he got sanctioned from the Officers for the 10 inches water connections for Delhi Cantt area from the 1500 mm water pipe line passing from Kirby Place have been thrown in the dust bin by the officials of Delhi Jal Board and are sometime saying that file is mis-placed and sometimes say that file is laying with Chairman, Kapil Mishra etc. are erring the people. Is this not betrayal with the public or what else?

He further said, "officials of Delhi Jal Board says that they are supplying 10.5 MGD water to MES of Army Personnel and told me to contact Cantt Board Army Officials if the water is required for civil population. As and when the solution of water problem is discussed with the Army Officials they raise their hands and tell that the water so supplied is not even sufficient for Officers and Soldiers and from where they provide to civil population? The civil population is suffering between their inter duel."