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New Delhi, 24 July
A proposed amendment in the Master Plan 2021 will allow alterations and grant an additional foot of space to balconies in DDA flats. Highrise buildings will be permitted to have facilities like swimming pools.
The proposal for tweaking the Master Plan was reviewed and approved by the screening committee (housing & urban project wing ) at a meeting. The screening committee submitted the report on the amendment to the advisory group which is headed by the Lieutenant Governor. "Advisory group after scrutinising the facts and details of the report will  recommend to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to draft a notice to be issued in public interest for the people who are troubled with congested space in the balcony," said a DDA official.
The proposal was sought by members of group housing societies who recommended additional space in the balconies as the existing balcony is around 1000 millimetres which equals 3 feet or 1 metre. The proposal has got the green signal from the Management Action Group. The objections and suggestions made by the group were to be considered at the eighth meeting of  the Board but now the DDA has decided to take up the proposal in its next meeting.  "The public notice will be issued by the DDA after carefully considering all aspects of the matter. Only then we can modify the Master Plan for Delhi on this matter," said the official.
He hoped the advisory group would accept this proposal. He  pointed out that earlier deviations or constructions in flats constructed by DDA, which include converting existing barsatis into rooms, providing the wall or providing sunshades on doors and windows and raising the walls of balcony, terrace or parapet with grill or glazing up to five feet were subject to penalties and flat owners had to deposit compounding fees to the civic bodies. He said the decision to increase the size of balconies for flats will provide relief from the practice of compounding fees. However, he added, "The plan to increase the size of balconies will be only for Group Housing Societies’ flats."
In the recent review of documents of the master plan modification, buildings higher than 15 m and without attenuation and those higher than 17 m with angular structure in all land use zones will be considered as highrise buildings. The modification enumerated that rooftops of high rise buildings can be used for swimming pools and other landscaping related structures. " The advisory board has given a nod to this proposal and now DDA will issue a public notice inviting objections and suggestions," confirmed the official.