Atishi directs officials to work towards redesigning Delhi roads

The Delhi government is making concerted efforts to transform the national capital on the lines of G20 designated areas. PWD Minister Atishi on Monday visited Shankar Road and Pusa Road with officials. During the inspection, she directed them to work towards redesigning Delhi roads and making them clean, beautiful and user-friendly.

The Delhi PWD Minister said: “Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has promised the people of Delhi that just like certain parts of the city were given a splendid makeover during G-20 summit, now the entire city’s roads will be transformed into something magnificent. We will beautify the entire Delhi, and every Delhiite will take pride in it.”

“We are inspecting these roads and reviewing how the roads here can be improved, how the footpaths can be given a new look, and how the entire stretch can be beautified with horticulture. This will help us redesign Delhi roads better and as per the requirements of the users,” she said.


Atishi directed the officials to pay attention to all the details in the process of improving the roads, enhancing their beauty, and taking every necessary step for their enhancement. She also emphasised the importance of horticulture on the roads and instructed that tree pruning be carried out as needed.

“We want to provide the people of Delhi with world-class road experiences, ensuring they have a splendid experience walking on the roads,” she said.

The Delhi PWD Minister said the beauty of Delhi, which the entire world witnessed during the G-20 summit, will now be extended to every nook and corner of the city. “Whether it’s the markets of Central Delhi or the villages on the outskirts of the capital, we will give a makeover to every part of the city,” she said.