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New Delhi, 02 September
Taking rest at a guest house after giving their seniors a slip during late night duty hours proved costly for two Delhi Police constables. They were caught red-handed by a Police top brass in Greater Kailash area of south east Delhi on Saturday.
 According to the deputy commissioner of police (south-east), Mr P Karunakaran, the constables have been identified as Sachin and Amar Singh, who were posted with GK police station.
 Since senior officers remained tight lipped on this issue, a reliable source posted with Delhi Police said that on Saturday night, both the constables were deployed at an anti- snatching picket erected at a stretch leading towards M Block, GK.
 "At around 9 pm, both the constables, Sachin and Singh, decided to take a break from their duty. At this, they gave their seniors a slip and went to a nearby Guest House, namely Private Affairs guest house in uniform to take a rest and took seats at the lobby area," said the source.
 Meanwhile, the special commissioner of police (crime), Mr Dharmendra Kumar, who was heading somewhere wearing a civil dress, found comparatively less staff present at the police picket and smelt a rat. Thereafter, he noticed two cops taking a nap at the lobby of a nearby guest house and reached there to check the situation.
 "When Mr Kumar reached the lobby, the constables could not recognise him and continued with their leisure position. When Mr Kumar questioned their presence in the guest house instead of police picket, the constables reportedly replied a flat answer and tried to ignore him. At this, Mr Kumar immediately telephoned the joint commissioner of police (south-east range), Mr Sanjay Beniwal, making him aware about the whole incident," said the police.
 At this, Mr Beniwal, in turn, called the area DCP, Mr P Karunakaran and informed him regarding the two constables’ absence during duty hours. Thereafter, the suspension orders of Sachin and Kumar were issued and they were sent to the lines.
 Police said that the two constable have been suspended for showing negligence towards their duty. Further investigations are underway.