Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Friday that the Delhi government will bear the cost of educating and bringing up children who have lost both their parents to Covid-19. Besides, it will also extend financial help to families and senior citizens who have lost their earning members to the viral illness, he added.

Over the past month, children welfare bodies and helplines have come across several cases where children have been left orphaned. In many other cases, the earning member of the family has died.

“We have seen very painful days recently. Many families saw more than one death. Many children lost both parents. I want to tell them that I understand their pain and am standing in support. Every child who has lost their parents will be educated. The cost of their education and upbringing will be borne by the government,” the CM said.

I ask neighbours and families to take care of them too. There are parents who have lost children, and families who have lost their earning member. We will take care of them,” he added

“I know elderly citizens who have lost their children. They depended on their earnings. I want to tell them that their son (Kejriwal) is alive. The government will help all such families who have lost their earning members,” he added.