Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that there was an urgent need to decentralise power for better functioning of government hospitals in the national capital. The file regarding the matter had been sent to the Lieutenant Governor for approval, he informed.

Reviewing the functioning of Delhi government hospitals in a meeting with Health Minister, department officials and the MLAs, Kejriwal felt the biggest impediment to better functioning of government hospitals was trying to run those institutions from Delhi Secretariat.

Kejriwal quipped thst files related to hospitals being stuck in Secretariat for months was evidence how it was impacting their functioning.

The Chief Minister opined that for improvement in providing better health facilities to residents of Delhi it was important to give more powers to hospitals. “This will help these institutions,” Kejriwal said, “to recruit and purchase commodities according to their requirements.”

It was informed in the meeting that the file related to more powers for hospitals had been sent to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. The Chief Minister said he would take the initiative in getting the file cleared.
The approval of that proposal will allow ‘Rogi Kalyan Samitis’ (patient welfare committees) of different hospitals to conduct purchases up to Rs 75 lakh, whereas the current limit was Rs 5 lakh. The Chief Minister directed RKS members to conduct inspections of hospitals and find out the factual position of diagnostic machines and requirements.