Love defeats all challenges as was seen in the case of Pramodini Raul, a victim of acid attack and Saroj Sahu who fell in love and tied the knot on Valentine Day on Wednesday.

Sahu had taken up a challenge of providing medical aid to victim Pramodini and in the process he fell in love with her.

The girl was overweight, visually challenged and paralytic. She suffered ever since 2009 when a army jawan Santosh Kumar Beanta threw acid on her when she rejected his proposal.

Pramodini underwent several surgeries as her face, arm, neck and eye were damaged in the acid attack. Her parents could not afford the treatment and she had to struggle.

Due to lack of treatment and physiotherapy etc, her condition was worsened and she became overweight almost over 90 kgs.

Doctors advised her to walk and exercise to reduce weight. It was at this juncture in her life that a nurse narrated her plight to a medical representative Saroj.

After hearing sordid tale from nurse, Mr Sahu took up a challenge and told the nurse that he would help her reduce weight.

Saroj attended the victim and in three months made her reduce weight to 53kg and in five months time she was able to walk.

During all this time, Saroj fell in love with his patient Pramodini and on Wednesday–Valentine’s Day the two got engaged at Sheroes Hangout in Lucknow of Uttar Pradesh.

Sheroes Hangout is a rehab centre where skill training is provided. Pramodini said ‘doctors had lost my hope when Saroj took up the challenge and helped me walk etc.

The ring ceremony is over and we will marry next year’. Saroj said his family was reluctant initially, but now they have agreed.