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Discover more than just nutrition by switching to organic food

Owing to the rising awareness among people through Internet and mass information channels, the benefits of organic food have come to light.  

Rishabh Chokhani | New Delhi |

Organic food industry around the globe has witnessed immense growth over the past decade. Owing to the rising awareness among people through Internet and mass information channels, the benefits of organic food have come to light.  

Not only is organic food healthy, but it also tastes great. Organic food is preferred over traditional food to avoid irradiation, man-made fertilizers, harmful pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. The production for this industry needs to be driven by nature and should be economically sustainable. Therefore, another great benefit of consuming organic food is that it gives a boost to organic farming, which is even better for farmers as they get to use modern techniques that are cost effective and also help to maintain the productivity of the soil.  

For amalgamated foods, 95% of the ingredients must come from organically produced plants or animals in order to be labeled as organic.

Organic food industry not only guarantees to be chemical free but also avoids Genetically Modified organisms. GMOs involve a single harmful chemical such as Round up or Agent Orange. Therefore, switching to organic foods is equally proportional to raising voice against large chemical production houses that have filled our world’s food and fields with pollution. We all need to take a stand against GMO Labelling in order to make our land healthier.

The choices one makes at the grocery store are not only the dictator of your health but also the health of our earth. We can’t deny that organic food is full of nutrients and vitamins, which would have otherwise been destroyed or lost due to the use of artificial chemicals and pesticides. The soil, which is used in the farming of these foods, is also managed in a responsible and sustainable manner. Non-organic foods are filled with sprays of toxic chemicals, which destroys everything except the crop. These chemicals kill the living organisms, which a plant needs in growing process, to make the soil nutrient rich. Once these chemicals kill the organisms, they are replaced with artificial fertilizers, which are made of toxic chemicals.

If one is planning to detox their body then organic food is the answer to all the troubles. According to many researches, it is clear that organic foods are rich in antioxidants making these foods a healthy choice to eradicate free radicals produced in our bodies due to toxins present in synthetically produced food. Making organic food choices also helps prevent against diseases like cancer, heart diseases and cognitive malfunction.  

Another added benefit of making a switch to organic food is that it tends to satiate more than normal food. Organic foods make one feel fuller after consumption, thereby helping them to achieve their fitness goals faster.

At last, it will not be wrong to say that it is imperative to be eco-conscious while making lifestyle choices especially about food. It is only by the evolution of farm to fork model, that people can discover much more than just the nutritional value of organic foods.  

(The writer is Founder and CEO, Naturevibe Botanicals)