statesman news service
Kolkata, 21 July
Police arrested Ganesh Singh for allegedly killing his wife by setting her on fire last night at their house in Cossipore.
According to police, around midnight the victim, Promita Singh was set on fire by Ganesh after a quarrel at their house on 5/2H/14 Prananath Lane. The neighbours told police that they rushed inside the house on hearing a loud cry. They found Promita at the verandah crying for help and struggling to get rid of the fire on her clothes.
They doused the flame and took her to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital. She died as she had 100 percent burn injuries. Police have registered a complaint of murder against Ganesh on the basis of the complaint lodged by her daughter, Sonali. Sonali told police that her father used to torture Promita regularly. Last night, at around 11.30 a.m. Sonali also told police that her mother was set on fire along with Ganesh&’s mother, Taradevi Singh. Taradevi also used to torture her, she told police. Police found that Ganesh has criminal antecedents and served a jail term of 10 years. He was released in 2110 and started staying with Promita at their Prananath Lane houses.
A probe is on.