An overhaul of the party leadership in Murshidabad district is on the cards, said the Trinamul Congress party observer of Murshidabad district, Mr. Subhendu Adhikari. He held a party workers’ meeting today at Beldanga municipal town where he instructed the party leaders about the possible programmes for making preparations for the Martyrs’ Day rally of TMC to be held in Kolkata on 21 July this year.

This was the first party meeting of Mr. Adhikari in Murshidabad district after the Lok Sabha elections. According to TMC party sources, Mr Adhikari expressed his displeasure at the role of some Behrampore-based Trinamul leaders who played the role of saboteurs causing defeat of the TMC candidate, Mr. Apurba Sarkar in Behrampore Lok Sabha seat.

A couple of key TMC leaders at the helm of municipal affairs at Behrampore were conspicuous by their absence from today’s party workers’ meeting at Beldanga. Mr. Adhikari, who is also the state transport minister, lauded Mr. Sarkar for reducing the victory margin of Mr. Adhir Chowdhury in Behrampore seat. Mr. Chowdhury of the Congress defeated the TMC contestant by about 79,000 votes this year though the Congress MP had won by a huge margin of 3,56,567 votes in 2014.

Despite the defeat in Behrampore parliamentary constituency, Mr. Sarkar has been awarded a number of administrative posts like the chairman of North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC). This is because Mr. Sarkar alias David had to resign as MLA from Kandi for contesting the LS polls, said the TMC leader. TMC party insiders informed that Mr. Adhikari was unwilling to take charge of the party organisation at Behrampore municipality, the home turf of Mr. Adhir Chowdhury.

The TMC leaderships at both the district and block levels will have to face the consequences for sabotage during the last Lok Sabha election, Mr Adhikari said. “I shall submit an organisational report to our leader, Mamata Banerjee who shall take up the matter of leadership overhaul in Murshidabad district soon after the 21 July rally”, he said.