Police in South Dinajpur paid homage to freedom fighters of Dinajpur as they marked the anniversary of the ‘Great mail train robbery’ at Hili station which occurred in the year 1933.

To commemorate the occasion of the daring Hili train robbery on 28 October 1933 carried out by freedom fighters and to pay respect to them, police in the district organised a function at Hili today.

Revolutionaries from Bengal robbed the Darjeeling Mail in the then ‘Healy’ to collect money for their freedom movement. During those times, revenue was collected from north Bengal and sent to Kolkata by the Darjeeling Mail train. A total of 15 revolutionaries had robbed the train and most of them were arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

The South Dinajpur District Police Administration handed over certificates and flowers to three relatives of the freedom fighters.

District Superintendent of Police Debarshi Dutta, DSP (Headquarters) Dhiman Mitra, Administrator of the Balurghat Municipality Shankar Chakraborty and other police personnel attend the event today.

“Our aim is to pay tribute to the freedom fighters and their family members. We also want to highlight the contribution of freedom fighters from our district in the Indian freedom movement,” Mr Dutta said.

Dr Sumit Ghosh, one history teacher and researcher of Dinajpur, said, “This was a big revolutionary movement and 13 of the 15 revolutionaries were arrested. This was a well-planned robbery. But the British rulers were able to detect them. Thanks to the district police for remembering the freedom fighters.”