Siliguri, 15 November
Several people are not happy with the state government&’s rigid policy to control the price of potato and restriction particularly on Jyoti variety in an open market and they do not hesitate to blame the state responsible for the abnormal potato price hike.
They also argued that had the potato traders
supplied Jyoti potatoes in the market local at their own rates retail traders would not have demanded high price of potatoes of other varieties.
“Both the stockists and retailers have utilised the opportunity to increase the rate of other varieties of potatoes. Retailers are selling different types of potatoes (except Jyoti verity) ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 35 per kg after managing them from the black market. Police here do not take action only for selling Jyoti variety at high price,” they said.
“We have not seen such price of potatoes in recent past. Why is the state is trying hard to control potatoes ignoring the abnormal price of other vegetable items like brinjal which is Rs 40 per kg at local Siliguri-Jalpaiguri market,” they discussed.
A medium retail vegetable vendor said: “Police came to visit my shop and asked me about potatoes and examined them. They did not ask me to stop selling different varieties of potatoes because I did not have Jyoti variety. I informed police that potatoes were available in black market. I need 100 bags of potatoes to meet the demand every day.”
In a Press release, the Darjeeling district magistrate Mr Punit Yadav, said: “The sub-divisional task force is supervising to check the pricing of Jyoti variety of potato and it will monitor the prices of salt and other commodities along with the
officers from consumer
welfare and fair business
practices, legal metrology, food and supplies department. Consumer welfare officials will also visit the markets.”