Amid the ongoing tussle between Tathagata Roy and Saayoni Ghosh, Mamata Banerjee on Monday hit out at the BJP leader for “threatening” the Bengali actress.

“The BJP is threatening a girl called Saayoni. Why? Don’t they fear anything? They do the same in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar? But how do they even hope to threaten people in West Bengal? If they do that in, people will put a seal on their faces,” Banerjee said at a rally in Purulia on Monday.

Taking a direct jibe at Roy, the West Bengal Chief Minister said, “He is an old man but is still doing this dirty politics. He’s threatening a girl of his granddaughter’s age. Doesn’t she have the right to speak? Of course, she has,” the Trinamool Congress supremo said.

Roy, former Meghala governor, has filed a police complaint against Ghosh for a meme shared on Twitter, alleging that it hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Ghosh, however, claimed the meme dates back to February 2015, and was not posted by her, but an act of mischief by someone who hacked her account then.

“… You have thus committed an offence under Section 295A IPC… Now, be prepared for the consequences,” Mr. Roy said on Twitter.

“@sayani06, you have already been reported to Kolkata Police. The complaint is attached. Meanwhile, a person from Guwahati has told me that his religious feelings have been hurt by your meme and he is filing a complaint. I hope Assam Police will take cognisance and ask for remand,” he added.

The veteran BJP leader also said another person from Bengaluru has complained to the police about the matter.

The young actor, in her reply tweeted: “Dear all, a post from 2015 has been brought to my notice which is extremely obnoxious… for all your information, I have joined Twitter in 2010 and after a brief use I lost interest in carrying forward. However, the account remained.” Ghosh said she later discovered that her account had been hacked and she needed to retrieve it immediately.

“For various reasons, we could only do that after 2017 and I got back in touch with the Twitter world with a bang. We have skipped a few unnecessary posts while deleting most,” she said.

Roy had also taken exception to a recent comment by Ms. Ghosh over the chant of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ by motor cycle-borne youths.