After almost 23 days the CNG gas supply partially normalised in Asansol from last night. While four CNG gas loaded trucks moved out from the plant last evening, four more departed the plant today.

In a press release, The Great Eastern Energy Corporation (GEECL) Limited said that the company is thankful to the administration for their support in dealing with the problem.

The INTTUC union of the transport contractors had called a strike demanding wage hike and against the dismissal of 26 drivers of the the contractual gas transport suppliers.

From 30 June GEECL also stopped complete supply citing security issues.

Meanwhile, the ADM(MV) and ADCP (central) of Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate also convened a tripartite meeting to resolve the crisis but failed. Mr. Raju Ahluwalia, INTTUC leader, today said that yesterday the transport contractor agreed to take back 16 dismissed drivers and after that partial work has resumed.

“ We also want that the rest 10 of the 26 truck drivers also get back their jobs. They have been working since the past ten years. Hopefully they also will be allowed to join work shortly,” Mr. Raju Ahluwalia added.

About 400 auto rickshaw drivers in Asansol and Durgapur sub-divisions and 60 CNG buses have been facing acute CNG crisis due to the ongoing problem till yesterday. GEECL is the first company in India to extract and sell Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in the country at Raniganj coalfield. It supplies CNG gas to Paschim Burdwan district and neighbouring Jharkhand. The INTTUC also agitated in front of the main gate of the GEECL office in Asansol for over four hours.