UKHRA (Burdwan), 21 JUNE: Miss Mamata Banerjee is yet to overcome the shock of the two successive defeats in Jamuria and Pandaveswar in the previous Assembly election and appealed to her party men to lend an absolute positive yield in the upcoming Panchayat elections. While addressing a crowded poll rally here, she said: “I had been to the house of one of my colleagues killed in Jamuria by the CPI-M during the 2011 elections. Today, you have gathered despite the scorching sun. I ask my colleagues to provide a balm to my wounds this time.” She said: “In the 2008 Panchayat elections, we could hardly manage fielding two candidates from Pandaveswar but they had to withdraw as the CPI-M had terrorised the area. This time they have fielded candidates without any difficulty. This is democracy.”
She told her party members to form a task force to see that her party&’s INTTUC is propelled in the right direction.
She further criticised the CPI-M by terming it as a "political pickpocket" and ridiculed the daily routine "analysis" in TV channels by a "professional coterie" of literate persons. sns