e-N.I.T. No. 01 of 2013-2014 of E.E. BHD
Date: 01-08-2013

Executive Engineer, Bankura Highway Division, P.W. (Roads) Directorate invites e-tender vide e-NIT No. 01 of 2013-14 for 10 (ten) Nos. works of different roads. (ch. to 13th F.C. 2013-2014). Last date for submission of bid on 19-08-2013 upto 3-00 p.m. Details may be available in the website: and also in the office of the Executive Engineer, Bankura Highway Division, P.W. (Roads) Directorate, Nutanchati, Bankura at any working day between 11-00 a.m. and 3-00 p.m.
Sd/- S. Sarkar
Executive Engineer
Bankura Highway Division
P.W. (Roads) Directorate  (B0007)         C20760

Office Of The
P.O.- Sainthia

Sealed quotation are invited by the Chairman, Sainthia Municipality from the bona fide Agencies having sound credential for “Supply & Delivery at site ISI Mark Double Flange jointing system centrifugally cast D.I.D.F. (K9/K7) Pipes & D.I. fittings conforming to IS 8329-2000 (Third revision) in standard length 0.5 m. to 5.0 m for push on joint & flange joint (rubber gasket) with internal cement mortar lining and external protection by metallic zinc coating with finish layer of epoxy / bituminous coating of outside as per IS 8329 -2000 specification with necessary jointing material rubber gasket (IS 5382:1985) including transportation, loading, unloading and staking at site including free supply of polythene sleeves for Water Supply Projects for Zone I & II Sainthia Municipality Water Supply Scheme under UIDSSMT programme vide N.I.Q. No. 1873/Engg.Sec/SM/2013, dated: 29-07-2013. Detailed information about the works, Earnest Money, Value of quotation form, time of completion of work etc. will be available in the office of the undersigned during office working hours upto 14-08-2013.
The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject the lowest Quotationer or all the Quotationers without assigning any reason what so ever.
Sainthia Municipality
Sainthia, Birbhum    

Sealed tenders are invited by the Secretary, DH&FWS, Siliguri & CMOH, Darjeeling, for procurement of OPD Ticket to be used in RH/BPHC/PHCs in the Siliguri Sub-division from the reputed printing firm / individual having experience in similar works. Information may be had from the Dist. Health & Family Welfare Samiti, Siliguri, 2nd Floor, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Building, Siliguri on any working day. Last date of receiving tender up to 1-00 p.m. on 16-08-2013, in the said office and will be opened on the same day at 02-00 p.m.
Secretary, DH&FWS,
Siliguri & CMOH, Darjeeling      (B0008)    C20764