The Conservative government will remain in office and Theresa May can live in Downing Street until she decides to resign or it is clear who will attempt to form a new government.

There may be round of talks between the parties for putting together another coalition government.

One of the two party leaders — May and Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — could opt to go it alone and try to run a minority government, relying on the support of smaller parties when needed to get their laws passed.

There are 650 seats in the House of Commons up for grabs at the election. One party needs to win at least 326 to secure an overall majority. Of the 646 seats the results of which were declared, May's Conservative party bagged 315 and main opposition Labour Party's tally was 261, up by 29 seats. The Scottish Nationalists got 34 seats and the Liberal Democrats 14.

The last five hung parliaments in UK

David Cameron (Conservatives) government in 2010 that lasted five years.

Harold Wilson (Labour) government in 1974 that lasted eight months.

Prime Minister: Ramsey MacDonald (Labour) government in 1929 that lasted till 1931.

Ramsey MacDonald (Labour) government in 1923 that lasted 10 months.

Herbert Asquith (Liberal Party) government in 1910 that lasted six years