Labour Party

Uphill task

In a bid to project an image of a resolute decision-maker and a catalyst for change, Mr Sunak made the surprising announcement during the Conservative Party’s annual conference at Manchester of cancelling a high-speed rail project to that city itself.

The era of the defectors

Ajit Pawar became deputy chief minister, and a handful of MLAs who defected with him were given ministerial posts. The venal move is presumably aimed at foiling opposition unity.

Russell remembered~II

The essential unity of American military, economic, and Cold War policies was increasingly revealed by the sordidness and cruelty of the Vietnam War. Russell thus repeatedly warned the developing nations against the impending danger of developed nations' economic and strategic policies, and how they exploited developing nations for their own development, leaving behind depleted soils, worked-out mines, ravaged forests, and a trail of ecological destruction

Anti-Labour Party

In politics, self-sabotaging acts are so common that they rarely surprise veteran observers. At the bitter root of most shoot-oneself-in-the-foot idiocies is stubborn blindness occurring when a leadership asserts its self-preservation over the good of Party members.

Britain must shed its elitist past

Many a story has come to light of individuals being obliged to maintain a distance from a dying parent around the same time that Johnson’s staff were busy socialising. Particularly cringeworthy, perhaps, was No.10’s abject apology to Buckingham Palace for a well-attended farewell do last April on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral — where Queen Elizabeth notably sat alone in a pew. (Mind you, the farewell wasn’t for Philip.)

No Sense of Decency

Many US Democrats who complied with McCarthyism at the time would today doubtless qualify as ‘Trotskyite‘ by the exacting criteria of the vigilant crew running the British Labour Party. Indeed, the programme of Clement Attlee's 1945-51 Labour government, replete with nationalisations and public ownership schemes, sounds way too radical nowadays, and perhaps Attlee too eventually will get the heave-ho from the Party pantheon

The return of Jacinda

Ever since New Zealand implemented a Mixed Member Proportional electoral system 24 years ago, a single party has never won an outright majority of seats in the Parliament before.

Labour’s new leader

In the immediate perspective, the outcome of the pregnant election signifies the eclipse of Jeremy Corbyn, in itself the end of a chapter in the history of the Labour party.