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Delhi Sports University aims to nurture sports talent from across the country

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Delhi Sports University and University of East London, today, in the presence of Kejriwal.



With an aim to impart world-class sports education to Indian athletes an MoU was signed today between Delhi Sports University & University of East London in presence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal


“Delhi Sports Policy aims to nurture a culture of sports that can catapult underprivileged children to the global arena. Delhi Sports University doesn’t belong to Delhi alone; we’ve developed it for every single Indian. Delhi Government will ensure that talents from across the country make it to the Delhi Sports University. In the coming days this agreement will prove to be historic not just for Delhi Sports University but for athletes from all over India,” said Kejriwal.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Delhi Sports University and University of East London, today, in the presence of Kejriwal. This agreement was signed with the aim of cooperating in the field of higher education between India and the UK in an event organised in Chanakyapuri. According to the MOU, both the universities will cooperate in the exchange of knowledge, explore research and innovation opportunities in the fields of sports science, staff and student exchange. This will help develop new courses and careers for sports, thereby improving the sports ecosystem in both the countries.


Vivienne Stern, International Director, UK Universities, Barbara Wickham, Country Director, British Council India, Karnam Malleswari, Vice Chancellor, Delhi Sports University, and senior education leaders from India and UK were present on the occasion among other dignitaries.


Arvind Kejriwal lauded the efforts made by Delhi Sports University in making a remarkable contribution in improving the condition of sports in the country. He also emphasised the vision and commitment of the Delhi Government to bring a change in attitude of the country by nurturing a culture of sports in the country.


Delhi CM said, “This day marks the momentous collaboration between the Delhi Sports University and the University of East London. The Delhi Sports University was established with a highly ambitious vision not just for Delhi, but for the entire nation. I believe there has always been a nagging feeling in the hearts of all Indians – that despite being a nation of 130 crore people, we are not able to secure more than a handful of medals. Keeping this in mind, we brainstormed ideas to improve the current situation of sports in the country with various experts and established the Delhi Sports University in order to give flight to our dreams of taking India to greater heights in the world of sports.”


He shared a personal anecdote of memorable experience of his first meeting with Ms. Karnam Malleswari, an Olympic Bronze medallist in weightlifting and commended her for the experience she brought and exceptional work she has done for the success of the University. He said, “I have a vivid memory of meeting Ms. Karnam Malleswari for the first time when she was appointed the Vice Chancellor of Delhi Sports University. I told her that I am a huge fan of her work, and proud of her achievements on the field. The success of the Delhi Sports University will be gauged on the basis of the number of medals India secures in the upcoming and subsequent Olympics.”

Kejriwal laid out the blueprint of future ventures of the Delhi Sports University wherein a major focus will be on strengthening relations with reputed educational institutes all over the world through collaboration in sports-related programmes. He continued, “While DSU has been built in Delhi and is funded by the Delhi Government, I believe it is a stepping stone for the entire nation and will prove to be a legacy in the sports world for generations to come. It will not be limited to the people of Delhi, but will welcome talent from all corners of the country in all kinds of sports, and we will nurture this talent to transform it into excellence. Hence, I am deeply elated to have signed this agreement with the University of East London in such a short period of time since the inception of Delhi Sports University. It is a crucial milestone in DSU’s journey that such a renowned foreign university got on board with us. We approached University of East London and they humbly agreed to our request in a prompt manner. I got to know that the University of East London has a very rich experience in the field of sports. They have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Olympics and that will benefit us in realising our dream. We are going to sign similar MOUs in the near future with prestigious Universities in the world and leverage on their experience.”


Kejriwal concluded by reiterating that, “The Sports Policy of Delhi has two main objectives: To nurture a culture of sports in Delhi and ensure every child is part of this pursuit. Second objective is to ensure that we win as many medals as possible in the Olympics for our nation. Hence, this MoU has proven to be a significant step in our path towards the successful implementation of this policy. I am very grateful to Madam Barbara Wickham, who I’m told has played a very critical role in this collaboration. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Paul for joining us today to sign this MoU. I also thank all the dignitaries gathered here today, and I am sure today will prove to be a historic day for all of us. This MoU will be a landmark agreement not just for Delhi Sports University, but for sports in the entire country in the days to come.”


Ms Barbara Wickham OBE, Director India, British Council, said, “Our heartiest congratulations to the Government of Delhi, Delhi Sports University and the University of East London on the inking of this partnership that will bring immense value for the students looking to build their careers in athletics. As Delhi’s long-standing partner in driving internationalisation of education ecosystems, we are very happy to have supported this visionary higher education collaboration with the UK. During the ongoing UK HE sector delegation to India, we are looking forward to exploring programmes that will enrich the quality of teaching and learning, resulting in increased life opportunities for students and the youth of Delhi.”


On this occasion, the DSU stated, “Delhi Sports University is a pioneering institution by Delhi Government with the vision to cultivate Delhi as the next stop for international sporting tournaments, especially Olympics. Through DSU, the government aims to remove all the potential barriers that a budding sportsperson in India might face. The University will be providing an equal and fair chance to all those who want to represent India at the international stage. Apart from world-class training and infrastructure, they will also receive support through sports science to enhance their performance. In addition, DSU will also ensure that every sports person gets an alternative career pathway in the field of sports, through quality sports education. Hence fulfilling our motto “Yahan Khel Hi Padhayi Hai”.


The statement further read, “At this stage of inception, our partnership with UEL holds the importance of being the first international tie-up for mutual co-creation and innovation. As DSU establishes itself in the world of sports, we aim to rise up to the global standards in terms of sports performance, training and research and we are happy to receive UEL’s guidance in doing so. We are elated to collaborate with UEL to transform the sporting ecosystem of India. We look forward to working together towards advancement in the field of sports and provide our sportspersons with an environment of excellence to support their journeys.”


At the same time, University of East London stated, “We are absolutely delighted to be entering into this agreement with the Delhi Sports University (DSU) and to welcome them to our ever-expanding family of global partners. The University, with its strong Olympic and Paralympic heritage, is the most ambitious and the most improved university in the UK for sport. As part of our Vision 2028 transformation strategy, we see sport as an essential precondition for learning gain, and we encourage activity at all levels, from our elite programmes to our club activities and beyond, ensuring fitness is open to all. Our appetite for sporting endeavour reaches around the world and now encompasses DSU, creating a partnership that is particularly special for us because of our deep and important links to India that this agreement can only serve to strengthen. And so, as we reflect on the legacy of the London Olympics 10 years ago, we look forward to working with DSU to build an innovative and impactful partnership that will support athletes to reach their potential and help to realise the benefits of sports for the communities that our institutions serve.”