What's your secret destination? Is it somewhere in the lush hills or high beyond the misty blue mountains? Is it the peaceful green valley where the river runs through or the soft rolling meadows down below or somewhere deep in the emerald ocean or the dark blue sea? Is it some hamlet far away or the old corner of a quaint town? Is it yonder the blue sky into the horizon or the haunting dark forest with the wishing well? Or, is it buried beneath the heaps of snow, now frozen?

It's a small world today, thanks to the high-tech life. One does not have to travel far and wide in this virtual new world. All the beautiful, exotic places are right on your finger tips, wonderfully traced and Google mapped. Yet, there are deep places waiting to be discovered still, its mysteries unraveled and their stories told to generations to come.

As you travel the world, you hear many stories–heard and unheard of. But, there are things unsaid. They are things of the old and long, long ago buried in the graves of our forefathers and ancestors, now covered with dark moss, haunting houses, skyscrapers and concrete forest.

And, there are places unknown – the never seen or told secret destinations, whispering hope for the lost souls.

They are the evergreen secret realms. And, secret places are not to be told. They are to be found or found by kindred souls. They are out of the world places.

Shrouded in mystery, they are for the lost souls looking for a miner's gold on higher ground. They go digging deeper for the unknown, for the new, for the unreachable. They never stop. They go further and farther.

If you wished to find these secret splendid places, you must set yourself free and let your soul shine. Free your mind. Unpack your bags. Walk a mile. Run through the blissful yellow fields. Follow the wind, if you must. But let the billion stars, the wondrous rising sun and the beautiful sunsets, the hopeful moonshine, the magical tiny glowworms and the pretty stardust be your guiding light.

Be a brave heart and dare to dream and travel to the secret mystical realms somewhere…. Travel far and wide, low and high. Be lost and be found, for only the lost can be found, and there you'll find, the secret places only you can go and be.