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A pirates paradise

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It’s September, a fine travel time and there are many places to go. One of the exotic places to visit in September is the blue and green Nosy Boraha Island, which earlier name was Île Sainte-Marie. Located four miles off Madagascar’s east coast, it is a peaceful tourist destination.

As unique as it sounds and once the abode of restless men of the sea, the island is a hauntingly beautiful adventure paradise. “My favourite place on earth,” a traveller wrote. True, indeed, it was the pirates paradise, now it could be yours too.

Like any other islands, this one too has all the charm and magic of the sea and its beaches. But what makes it a unique travel destination is the thriller cemetery, which is the final resting place of several pirates. And here now the restless souls lie in peace…

Pirate cemetery
Pirate Cemetery in Sainte Marie island, Madagascar (Getty Images)

Years ago, during the 17-18th century. the island was once a popular retreat for some of the world’s most notorious pirates. Thousands of pirates visited the island. Hence, this picturesque place with several islets and bays was known as the island of pirates. Many of them are said to be buried here. Interestingly, their graves in grey and black tombstones are marked with skulls and crossbones.

The Pirate Cemetery is located near the main town of Ambodifotatra, atop a hill, overlooking the sea. The cemetery, now almost in ruins and mostly covered by wild tall grasses is open to the public and attract thousands of visitors every year. Take a walk in this long ago graveyard. Let it transport you to life in seas and the water world where men, whose greed and lust for gold and treasures led them to meaningless ends.

The weather in this one and only real town in Madagaskar is pleasant. Clean and calm, it has pretty places to stay and there are interesting restaurants that serve authentic local food.