In just over ten years, India’s e-waste from old mobiles is set to rise by a whopping 1800 per cent by 2020, according to a report by ASSOCHAM-KPMG. The waste from old computers too will rise by about 500 per cent.

“By 2020 India’s e-waste from old mobiles and computers will rise by about 1800 per cent and 500 per cent respectively by 2020 as compared to the levels in the year 2007,” the study by the leading commerce chamber said.

The study highlighted that India discarded approximately 18 lakh metric tonnes of e-waste in 2016 which is about 12 per cent to the global e-waste production.

Furthermore, India is the fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world and recycles less than two per cent of the total e-waste it produces annually.

While, the environment ministry rolled out the E-waste (Management) Rules in 2016 to reduce e-waste production and increase recycling, the industry hasn’t been able to meet the set targets as majority of the e-waste collected in India is managed by an unorganised sector.

Thus, the ASSOCHAM suggests that the government may look at collaborating with the industry to draw out formal/standard operating procedures and a phased approach towards the agenda of reducing e-wastes to the lowest.