Streaming giant Netflix is now allowing users to disable autoplay videos entirely, so you won’t be forced to watch the disturbing trailer that automatically plays while browsing or the way that a new episode will start as soon as the previous one is over

The company will also let users turn off the autoplay feature that starts the next episode of a show they are watching. People can choose to disable autoplay in two different formats: one that automatically starts the next episode in a series and one that autoplay previews while browsing.

Netflix rolled out an option to disable autoplay with episodes in a series way back in 2014, but this new setting specifically relates to the autoplay previews on the homepage, The Verge reported on Wednesday.

It is pertinent to note that there have been Reddit discussion threads, YouTube videos, and Twitter posts from annoyed customers who have asked the streaming giant to do away with the autoplay features.

One person was so frustrated that they created an entire Twitter account just to ask Netflix to please stop. The company is now pointing subscribers to an updated help page on its website to learn how to disable the annoying function, the report added.



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