Activision’s free-to-play battle royal (BR) mode Call of Duty: Warzone has more than 50 million players, according to the publisher’s announcement. The milestone, which Warzone reached just one month after its release, makes the game one of the fastest-growing free titles in the game industry.

The infinity ward developed Warzone previously hit 30 million players just under two weeks after launch.

“Over 50 million players. Thank you #Warzone players for dropping in with us. #FreeCallofDuty,” the company said in a tweet.



Earlier, within 24 hours of its launch, the game pulled in six million players, much more than the previous 2.5 million-player record held by Apex Legends. It then reached 15 million players within three days of its release and ten days to reach 30 million.

The number has been impacted due to work-from-home policies as people stay indoors during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The company has announced the arrival of a solo mode to its battle royale shooter Call of Duty: Warzone. It is available for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Fortnite and Apex Legends has the usual 100 per match. Apex Legends also introduced a limited time solo mode, but it is currently unavailable.