Marlon Wayans Embraces Child’s Transgender Journey

Marlon Wayans shares his transformative journey as a parent navigating his child's transgender identity, emphasizing love, acceptance, and the importance of embracing change. A candid revelation on the Breakfast Club sparks a conversation on evolving parenting perspectives.

Neerja Punia Denied Entry at Dhaba Due to Transgender Identity

Neerja Punia, transgender activist and actor, opens up about a distressing incident at a dhaba where she was denied entry and faced discrimination based on her gender identity. The incident sheds light on ongoing challenges for the transgender community in public spaces.

Transgenders add a splash of colour to Durga Puja festivities

"Am I to blame for being a standout creation, Maa?" whispers a young girl to herself, stationed by a colossal pandal in an audacious shade of turquoise. Amidst the raucous symphony of dhaaks, the fragrant wafts of incense and dhuno, and the aroma of street food, the bustling crowd creates quite the uproar.