Swami Vivekananda

Swamiji & Mrs Hale

Swamiji was transparent to Mrs Hale, even sometimes to the point of embarrassing her, speaking against her country, countrymen and religion. But she proved herself to be different by her conscientious conduct. She had a clear perception to be able to see Swamiji‘s heart and mind. She knew his forte as well as foibles in the right measure

Concern for Nature

Swami Vivekananda's concept of nature was of respect and reverence for the earth and for all that exists there. Prosperity, progress and happiness of every person, every society and every nation depend heavily on the bounty of nature. Her bounties and resources are, therefore, not for one's selfish exploitations. These are to be shared by all creations

Swamiji’s Mission

Seeds of such truths were sown by Sri Ramakrishna in Swamiji‘s fertile brain which was a stickler for truth. They were gradually germinating to take concrete forms. For instance, when he heard from him that seva is spiritually more efficacious for man than daya as a means for spiritual growth, he immediately absorbed it and decided to make its idea the pivot of Ramakrishna Mission