The spiritual workplace

Have we noticed that the number of management books on “workplace spirituality” has grown tremendously over the past 30 years,…

Akshardham Temple a heritage site and an abode of spiritualism

Everything in Akshardham is related to spirituality whether it is a temple, an exhibition or a garden. The spiritual foundation of Akshardham is that each soul is a divine light. Every single service can help one move towards divinity. Every prayer is a call to better you and to get closer to God. Visit Akshardham for a spiritual experience.

The Ramakrishna Movement

The brunt of service to the poor and ignorant laid on Swami Vivekananda by his Master sat heavily upon his heart and mind. He was to bear its burden but not to question why

Corona & Spirituality

An ordinary man may weep in despair. A saint and ascetic may well muse ruefully with abject surrender that all is Divine Play. Let us board the Noah's Ark of namosmaranam to tide over this frightful flood of pandemic disaster.