Mixed bag

The Supreme Court’s verdict declining to legalise same-sex marriage has evoked mixed reactions.

Brown lives matter, too

The most disruptive and divisive series of events that I have seen during my life in the US was what happened after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minnesota in 2020.

Dawson shares how he portrayed Patrick in ‘My Policeman’

My Policeman, a love drama based on the best-selling book by Bethan Roberts, is only a few days away from release and already everyone is talking about it. In two separate timelines, the movie examines the choices made by three young friends named Tom (Harry Styles), Marion (Emma Corrin), and Patrick (David Dawson).

How to Come Out in Your Job Search as LGBTQ+: Tips for professionals

While in the recent past, there has been increased awareness around inclusion of people from LGBTQ+ community in the workforce, LGBTQ professionals and employees, still get judged, face stigma and repercussions in terms of reduced chances of getting selected if they are open about their gender orientation and gender identity on the job.