Mixed bag

The Supreme Court’s verdict declining to legalise same-sex marriage has evoked mixed reactions.

Brown lives matter, too

The most disruptive and divisive series of events that I have seen during my life in the US was what happened after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minnesota in 2020.

Right turn

I t has been clear for some time that the Far-Right in Europe is preparing to make the decisive leap from the fringe of political existence to centrestage. It has also been clear that such parties in various European nations may be working from a common script, at least as far as issues such as migration and LGBTQ+ rights are concerned.

Society of the future a new paradigm

Two major social transformations are taking place throughout the world and especially in the US which would initiate profound and permanent changes in how human society evolves in the future. The first one is the LGBTQ+ movement. The second one is the invasion of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let us first consider the ramifications of the LGBTQ+ movement.