Kyrgyz Crisis

Scholar-soldier-statesman of unmatched distinction, the late Jaswant Singh, wrote a hauntingly riveting travelogue, Travels to Transoxiana ~ In lands over the Hindu Kush and Across the Amu Darya.

Of films and political narratives

As the largest electorate in history goes to the polls in India from April 19 to June 1, 2024, political parties are seeking to influence voters’ decisions – through cinema.

Jihad in Spring~II

The Hindus want to repeat the same holocaust that they had staged at Delhi. Their methods of coercing Hyderabad to be a mere vassal is the typical example of the ‘Bania’ rule. The only answer to them is the naked sword …. You will see me slaying or being slain with sword in my hand and the Quran in my body….