Gas hub?

The so-called Persian Pipeline proposed in 2008 which was meant to supply gas from Iranian gas fields to European buyers was always the economically most viable.

Gas problem

Inflation is at a record high, fears of a recession are very real, and the euro is at parity with the dollar for the first time in two decades.

Germany’s crisis

The recent developments have stoked concerns that the gas crisis is gaining dangerous momentum that could have unforeseen consequences for the economy in the wider canvas, and that governments are not moving fast enough to stop it.

Russia would not supply gas to Europe for free

Peskov also stressed that Moscow was not the initiator of such a development of the situation, since it was the Western states that unleashed an economic war against Russia, RT News reported.

Russia pumps gas into Nord Stream 2 pipeline

The first string of the pipeline has undergone pre-commissioning activities to assure the pipeline integrity, while pre-commissioning steps for the second string are underway