Deepening democracy

As Ambassador Rajiv Bhatia has recently written, the election and its results reflect a thriving democracy driven by voters’ concerns about key domestic issues such as employment, housing, education and healthcare.

Empire of lies

Economic growth is not enough. Erosion of democracy is not enough. Expectations matter. Expectations management matters even more. And yet, see what happened in Chile, a country with fairly high economic growth and a stable democracy. In 2019, it witnessed an outburst of anger on the streets paving the way for the leftists to emerge victors. This can happen to other elected autocracies

Netanyahu’s curse

When you are the longest serving Prime Minister of a democratic country, it is safe to presume that you have…

A Preferendum?

Politics in many countries is becoming a vaudeville, a soap opera. And we know, in Italian opera, everyone dies in the end. Democracy is already paying a price in the form of institutional inertia and institutional vandalism. The danger also comes from the emerging trend of what Italian writer Enzo Traverso calls ‘post-fascism‘. In loose terms, post-fascism refers to what fascism will look like in the 21st century