Realm III: A grand display of visual masterpieces

Paintings by veteran artist Sakti Burman, whose works inhabit ancient tales of country romances, enchanting maidens, flutists, exotic flowers, and birds, where all creatures dwell in harmony - in a state of dreamlike reality - will also be on display.

Artists faired well through virtual paintings and exhibitions in 2021

While, the virtual painting exhibition not just garnered better results financially, it also resulted in reduced cost and carbon footprint by eliminating costs of printing catalogues, invites, international air travel for art fairs and packaging and shipping cost for fairs, etc

Forum revived to preserve culture, language of Ladakh

The aim of reforming the prestigious forum was to make it more inclusive by involving all local stakeholders to work for the revival, preservation, and promotion of Ladakh’s rich cultural heritage, said Sonam Wangchuk who has been nominated general secretary of the forum.

Creators smile as Indians warm up to new crypto form NFT

The crypto company on June 1 rolled out South Asia's first NFT Marketplace with 15 creators hailing from diverse categories such as space 3D artists, digital artists, muralist photographers, canvas artists, street artists and visual artists.

Radiance: The Basquiat Show

The exhibition builds on the enormous strides achieved by the auction houses in offering the very best Western Contemporary art in Asia, as well as a reflection of insatiable collector appetite, particularly for works by the iconic artiste.