A plan for Africa

Italy’s ambitious plan to forge a new partnership with Africa, as unveiled by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, is a bold step towards economic collaboration, energy innovation, and addressing migration concerns.

The Numbers Game~II

Minorityism, as a social and political principle, was first propounded and popularized by John Bordley Rawls (1921-2002), an American moral, legal and political philosopher of the liberal tradition, in his seminal work A Theory of Justice (1971).

Cost of battle

The two combatants in the European conflict recorded significant increases, Russia spending 9.2 per cent more for overall expenditure of about $86.4 billion while Ukraine saw a 640 per cent jump in spending to put away a whopping 34 per cent of its national budget on military needs

Gandhi and Women

Women in the Phoenix Settlement, founded by Gandhi in 1904 in South Africa, were unrestrained by social taboos and had more freedom than their counterparts anywhere in India. With his experience of South Africa behind him, Gandhi was aware of the potential of women as satyagrahis. He also firmly believed that ‘women of India should have as much share in the winning of swaraj as men

Millets for Health

To reap the maximum nutritional benefits from millets, it is essential to encourage their use as staple food. Government policy and entrepreneurs need to take responsibility for ensuring that this does not remain as just a fad food but truly becomes a part of mainstream food habits