A plan for Africa

Italy’s ambitious plan to forge a new partnership with Africa, as unveiled by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, is a bold step towards economic collaboration, energy innovation, and addressing migration concerns.

The Numbers Game~II

Minorityism, as a social and political principle, was first propounded and popularized by John Bordley Rawls (1921-2002), an American moral, legal and political philosopher of the liberal tradition, in his seminal work A Theory of Justice (1971).

Digital Africa

Digital Africa In a world in which digitalisation and the skills associated with it are becoming increasingly important in the structural transformation of economies, there is limited research aimed at measuring and understanding the nature and extent of digitalisation and digital skills gaps in developing countries.

Beijing’s BRICS?

Why are 19 countries across Africa, Asia, and South America eagerly waiting in queue to join BRICS? That is the question posed in a recent essay

Middle East Equations

Situated at the confluence of three continents, the Middle East is important to the future of the BRI which is designed to place China at the centre of global trade and networks. For China, both Saudi Arabia and Iran are equally important. China has a vision of a multi-polar order in the Middle East based on non-interference in and partnerships with other states, one in which the country will promote stability through developmental peace rather than the Western notion of democratic peace

Cost of battle

The two combatants in the European conflict recorded significant increases, Russia spending 9.2 per cent more for overall expenditure of about $86.4 billion while Ukraine saw a 640 per cent jump in spending to put away a whopping 34 per cent of its national budget on military needs