A plan for Africa

Italy’s ambitious plan to forge a new partnership with Africa, as unveiled by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, is a bold step towards economic collaboration, energy innovation, and addressing migration concerns.

The Numbers Game~II

Minorityism, as a social and political principle, was first propounded and popularized by John Bordley Rawls (1921-2002), an American moral, legal and political philosopher of the liberal tradition, in his seminal work A Theory of Justice (1971).

Coup in Niger

Coups are not new to west and central Africa; the military takeover of power in Niger last week is the seventh such event in the region since 2020. But the latest, which saw the overthrow of Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum by the commander of his presidential guard Abdourehamane Tchiani, is important in that it is seen as a blow to Western efforts to tackle Islamic insurgency, and judging from some responses may emerge as another chapter in the proxy war between Western countries and Russia-backed mercenaries.

Wagner, interrupted

Expectations of the end of the Wagner Group’s operations in Africa and West Asia in the wake of its aborted rebellion in Russia are not based on a realistic understanding of what the mercenary group brings to the table for the Kremlin.

Growing influence

China’s strategic footprint is expanding across the globe. Now, it’s the Eastern Mediterranean region ~ at the maritime crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia and an important transit area for goods and people ~ which is in focus. Beijing, say experts, has recognised the region’s geostrategic value and is leveraging the fact that relations between regional countries have been complicated by long-standing rivalries and conflicts to get a foot in the door and more, as it were.

Out of Africa

Six months after the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit hosted by President Joe Biden in Washington with much fanfare, here is a…