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Redefining living

To live is to spread boundless love to the hearts dried with the aridity of cynicism, keeping absolutely no room for hatred.

Shailee Biswas | Kolkata |

Snuggling into the lap of the most perplexing era, we tend to get cuddled by a heap of despair. With a tremendous urge to give in to the challenges of life at every step, we enter into a horrific combat with our own self. We live the years only as a life time oath to our creators; but are the contraction and expansion of lungs is what living is?

To live is to spread boundless love — to spread it to the hearts dried with the aridity of cynicism, keeping absolutely no room for hatred. God’s creation deserves to be loved. Love is something that has the capability to bind us with nature; it is something that can bring smile on a hungry face; it is the poet’s muse, mother’s magnificence and father’s eloquence. It is something that can reunite the world’s broken fragments.

To live is to learn — learn from the follies, idiocy and folly, as well as from the wonders all around; it is to know how to run untamed in this vast and endless wilderness of knowledge. Learning has no limit, we can learn from anything and everything, anyone and everyone; because this world is an open book and we have this one small life to conquer as much of its pages as we can.

We learn about the past from the stories of our ancestors — starting from the first fall of man to whatever history they have made till now, we learn to survive in the present from our own comrades and we get a glimpse of the next generation that we will be leaving behind from the younger ones. Learning is limitless, one can never know enough.

To live is to serve God by serving his wondrous creation. Living a life for others gives a different meaning to it. Living is seeking the actual meaning of this life through serving nature, animals, humans and everything that the divine architect has designed.

To be able to see the angel eclipsed by the Satan in men and to help them win over the devil that has overshadowed the good in them is the most virtuous thing. We must serve in every possible way but to be able to understand someone, feel what one is going through and to empathise with one’s pain is something that cannot be put into words.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” is something rightly asserted by Martin Luther King Jr. Therefore we should not hate the criminal but the crime. We must understand that there must have been a reason behind that crime, maybe the reason cannot be the justification of it but once we understand the reason, we can also kill the demon protecting it.

Let’s live in such a manner that on our final days we can say that we have lived a life and when leaving the world, leave it absolutely with no regret but a mark on its chest, which the next generation will be following. We can say that we have lived a life of dignity when death knocks our door so that it gets our acquaintance by the deeds done and not merely by the number of years lived. However, short or long life may be, it should be one of value.