Synergy in Learning~I

There was no apparent contradiction between the scientific truth and non-scientific faith, and hence no need to isolate one from the other. Until modern science dawned with Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and the others in the Middle Ages, no clear discrimination was preferred between philosophy and science. The fact that the social sciences could not take a clear shape and suffered an identity crisis was also responsible for the non-division

Back to school

The immediate trigger for the decision, despite fears of a third wave appears to have been the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women and Children last month which underlined that the indefinite closure of schools had disrupted the social fabric

Camp K12 raises $12 mn in funding round

Camp K12 connects students in the 5-18 age group across the globe with teachers for live, interactive online courses across essential skill categories such as coding and English.

Helping to Know

A constructively oriented curriculum presents an emerging agenda based on what children know, what they are inquisitive about and the teachers' learning goals. The individual learner has an important role in determining what would be learned. The learner actively creates, interprets and reorganises knowledge in individual ways.

Nurture curiosity, do not kill it

The teacher stopped mid-sentence with, “No questions now, please; it is time for learning”. This way of teaching forces children to miss how to sow seeds followed by the joy of their germination in the garden. It could be a scene in almost any school. Children, full of questions about things that interest them, are learning not to ask them at school. It is not the fault of teachers. They have so many targets to meet.

Learning from Home

It is interesting that during the pandemic parents became teachers and started understanding the online learning activities that educational institutions created for their wards ~ a new setup for which parents were not at all ready

Going online

Digital learning platforms, which have currently seen a spike in student enrollment, represent the future of education industry