Anatomy of Research~II

While the term, knowledge, and its commonly perceived notion has remained somewhat invariant historically over centuries, it was only in…

Path to Knowledge

The principle of universality which belongs to the idea of a university, has to be balanced by what may appear, but only appears, to be an opposite idea.

AMU, Google to collaborate in knowledge sharing

Aasim Zafar, Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, who played a role in the agreement, said the collaboration will help faculty members and ultimately the students of the university in updating their skills in upcoming Google-based technologies and application development.

Helping to Know

A constructively oriented curriculum presents an emerging agenda based on what children know, what they are inquisitive about and the teachers' learning goals. The individual learner has an important role in determining what would be learned. The learner actively creates, interprets and reorganises knowledge in individual ways.

Not so patriotic

The need to educate, as even Indian shastras teach, is more about self realization and helping mankind to realize its potential, by developing the intellect and knowledge to contribute to one’s natural and socio-economic environment and, regrettably, in the more recent rat-race driven world, to do well in life.

The Open Book route

An Open Book examination tests students’ ability to quickly find relevant information and then to understand, analyse and apply knowledge, while thinking critically. Answering the question will require more than just copying information from texts