India Gate again!

Delhiites may be getting their India Gate back soon! Last Independence Day showed what India Gate meant to them

New Parliament

The new building too has constraints of space, and some of the offices are expected to continue functioning from the existing Parliament House.

Advantage Murmu!

The leaders said Sinha’s candidature was supported by the entire Opposition. Sinha filed his nomination papers three days after Murmu, the NDA candidate.

Galleries of Memories

Dozens of journalists who covered Parliamentary proceedings from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Press Galleries over decades, will not be able to do so in Parliament’s Monsoon Session.

Rains, At last!

The only way to walk during rain is to pass through muddy slush, as the roads are meant for traffic. The pedestrians have to jump over puddles and keep their balance.

Chole Bhature!

In the subsequent decades, it increased its pan-India pres ence, with food connoisseurs lit erally lapping it up in every nook and corner.

Delhi summer

The family could, therefore, sleep comfortably on 'charpoys' on the terrace or on the front lawns under a beautiful starlit sky.