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Empowering education holistically

Virtual classrooms are enhancing teaching and learning environment by providing the right mix of advanced technology

Kiran Dham | New Delhi |

Education technology is continuously growing with a range of offerings starting from projectors, smart/digital boards/ digital teaching devices embedded with necessary software like interactive teaching tools and educational content to the use of Artificial Intelligence and other technologies that enhance interaction and resources between teachers and students.

The various aspects of technology have become a mandatory part of the educational journey of students and teachers and have impacted their overall development.The transition from traditional chalk and duster led environment to a technology-loaded classroom has been gradual yet is playing an important part in Indian classrooms. Nowadays the need for technology is motivating and inspiring teachers allowing them to better engage and interact with learners.

Teachers are using technology to enhance old models of standardised role learning and are creating a more customised and engaging experience for students using technology. There’s greater multi-device synchronisation using software which supports collaboration and leads to more support for virtual conversations within and beyond a classroom.

Increasingly more students and teachers are creating customised digital content which includes animation and video.

Advancements in technology have led to the rise of virtual classrooms: New avenues have opened up in online learning and teaching platforms. One such technology is the virtual classroom which makes the dream of a good education accessible to anyone regardless of whether they live in a remote location or a big city. Such a classroom removes the need for any physical infrastructure. One only needs a laptop/display/smartphone and a reasonably good Internet connection, which is commonplace across India today.

Virtual classroom enables teachers to teach and share course materials and students to take tests from anywhere. These merge course material with digital resources and content to provide students with a comprehensive base of knowledge. Such ease in the process provides a welcome environment even to working professionals. By combining online and face-to-face interaction, virtual classroom technology is changing the role of the educator into one of a facilitator and coach. The technology is helping teachers use their time with students to encourage problem-solving, communication and collaboration.

Advantages of virtual classrooms: Such classrooms allow students to be taught by the leading minds in the world. This is because, unlike in a physical classroom where students and teachers are both physically present in one location, in a virtual classroom a teacher who lives in Europe, North America, or anywhere else can easily teach a class in India.

This allows students to be taught by the bests in their fields because such experts need not necessarily live in the same town or country as their students. On the other hand, students who are taught in a physical classroom must be taught by teachers who live in relative proximity to the classroom. Hence a virtual class can be taught by global experts whereas a regular class can only be taught by those who live near the classroom.

Nowadays many institutions are providing expertise in creating innovative, latest technology and cost-effective products to create the best of the tools for empowering education holistically. They are masters in providing complete solution including best quality hardware along with latest software in one single solution. The current standard classroom setup is also being developed to enhance the teaching and learning environment by providing the right mix of advanced technology in a safe classroom environment. For instance, smart classroom products like integrated teaching solutions have been designed to empower students and teachers by allowing them access to knowledge resources and through ease of interaction.

Additionally, smart classroom products are sturdy and are equipped with features and tools to help safeguard the learning environment. Now this industry is working upon creating innovative and cost-effective products and solutions that incorporate the latest technology to create some of the best tools to empower education holistically. The focus is on providing complete solutions including the best quality hardware and the latest software in one single platform to cater to growing demand for this expanding market.

The writer is CEO, Globus Infocom