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Watch: Pakistan cricketer Hassan Ali mocks BSF with his antics

BSF has decided to lodge a formal protest with the Pakistani Rangers.


Pakistan speedster Hasan Ali on Saturday created a buzz on social networking sites with his bizarre antics at the Attari-Wagah (Pakistan-India) border during the traditional flag-lowering ceremony.

A video has gone viral in which Hasan Ali is seen going to the Pakistani soldier during the flag lowering ceremony. Ali can be seen copying the Ranger, patting his thigh and raising his arm and after that did his signature celebratory move that he does after taking a wicket. Ali did all this whiel gesturing to the Indian soldiers and spectators on the other side.

Here is the video:




However, the incident has not gone well with the India’s Border Security Force (BSF). BSF has decided to lodge a formal protest with the Pakistani Rangers about the issue.

Talking to the Indian Express, BSF Inspector General (Punjab Frontier) Mukul Goel said, “The act has hit the sanctity of the parade. We will lodge a protest with Pakistan Rangers. Anyone can make any aggressive gesture in the viewers’ gallery on both sides but no public person can interfere in the parade. Before or after the parade, the people are free to do such things, but not in the middle of the parade.”