Tottenham Hotspur FC forward Harry Kane on Friday revealed his interest in winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or, a award presented to the year's best footballer of the world.

English football's Golden Boot holder Kane revealed how Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo's international success has helped him aspire to win the Ballon d'Or trophy, according to Sky Sports on Friday.

"Who wouldn't want to win that big gold trophy? It's definitely something I aspire to do. Doing that, you have to win the big tournaments, for club and country." Kane said, when asked of his Ballon d'Or aspirations. 

"Ronaldo won the Euros and the Champions League and that's part of the reason why most of the time he wins it. Messi's is a similar situation," he added.

Tottenham finished second in English Premier League (EPL) this season seven points below league champions Chelsea.

Kane also emphasised on how and why his side winning more trophies will boost his Ballon d'Or winning chances.

"To do that, it isn't just individual, I think it's part of a team thing as well, winning team trophies. That's hopefully what we can do at Tottenham. And for sure I'd love to win that trophy one day," he said.